Evolution Championship Wrestling

Evolution Championship Wrestling

2 Seasons

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Evolution Championship Wrestling
  • Eye of the Storm

    Episode 1

    Wild Bill vs. Drew Tolliver
    Murphy Costigan vs. Mr. Zubaztic
    Wikkid Fortune vs. Diamonds in the Rough
    Joe Braddock vs. BMW
    Jeff X vs. Dick Stone
    Josh Munday vs. Brandon Young
    Craig Hyder vs. Uri Heidireich vs. Midnight Mauler

  • Luck of the Draw

    Episode 2

    Wild Bill vs. Zen Fortune
    Dick Stone(C) vs. Brandon Young vs. Josh Munday- X Division Title
    Jeff Conley vs. Craig Hyder
    David Anthony vs. Murphy Costigan (WFS TV)
    Jeff Storm vs. Brian Logan
    Jeff Baker vs. Drew Toliver

  • Evolution April '19

    Episode 3

  • Edge of Extreme

    Episode 4

  • For the Glory

    Episode 5

    JC Black accepts the challenge against Murphy Costigan. The Riders return to dominate tag team action. Jeff Storm, Wayne Atkins, Nick Hansen all face tough foes.

  • WFS Presents: August Heat

    Episode 6

    David Anthony defends WFS TV title vs. Murphy Costigan
    Beau James vs. Asher Adams
    Riders vs. Wayne Atkins & Brandon Young
    Brian Logan vs. The Golden Terror for the WFS American Title

  • WFS Presents September Showdown

    Episode 7

    Jeff Storm Challenges Brian Logan for the Evolution Championship
    David Anthony vs. Brandon Young
    Murphy Costigan vs. Rob Killjoy- WFS TV Title
    Thrillbillies vs. Riders- Evolution Tag Team Championship
    & Much more!

  • WFS Presents Shocktober 2019

    Episode 8